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NVM, I'm keeping my old bio.

Batoto Notice:

I am currently uploading Focus on You & Miserable in Love. You are set to Lezhin’s release scheduling.
- Need to contact me? Email me.

I don't do translations for [KO] series I upload on. I can offer accurate translations but that's it. I have no idea how to do typesetting, cleaning panels ect.

I only upload [KO] series for the following reasons:

- I can understand it.
- Gives me something to do in the meantime.
- I don't have to deal with these other [EN] "uploaders".

I don't want to be at their whim & discretion.

- Not to mention, I don't want to message this particular user that goes around creating brand new [EN] series, they don't even upload on, like a BOT.

I will not be picking up any further [EN] series on Batoto. [REV1.30/03/23, REV2.20/04/23]

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